Should Government Help the Poor?

People who really want to follow Jesus aren’t itching to set up a theocracy or some sort of political version of the Kingdom of God on earth.  Why? Because they know that Jesus told us that the Kingdom of God is fundamentally different from worldly political systems and has completely different goals. “My kingdom is […]

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Schisms Then and Now

I was just a teenager when the North American Division, in league with the General Conference, produced a book entitled Issues: The Seventh-day Adventist Church and Certain Private Ministries. As I recall, the document condemned, along with other things, the acceptance and use of tithe money by self-supporting ministries in violation of General Conference policy. […]

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Culture & Biblical Hermeneutics

Does culture ever play a part in helping us to understand (or misunderstand) Scripture?  Should we always interpret the biblical text according to a “plain reading” of the passage? Christians who, like myself, take a “high view” of the inspiration of Scripture believe that the prophets who wrote the Bible were given thoughts, impressions, visions […]

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